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Prescriptive web computing

advanced solutions to transform Big Data into commercial intelligence.

Sloc – The innovative language for Big Data

Develop advanced data applications, reducing the amount of code with 85%

Single Line of Code

The use of this programming language enables you to run
any data solution on any website by implementing only a Single Line of Code (SLoC).

What we do

Adversitement helps you to turn big data into relevant and valuable data. By developing and integrating the best available apps,
technology and services, we enable you to take real-time data driven decisions that make your company excel.

Analytics and data handling

  • Adobe Marketing Cloud (Omniture)
  • Single Line of Code (SLOC)
  • Google Analytics
  • Webtrekk
  • Including customized plugins

Usability Engineering

  • A/B-testing
  • Multivariate testing and targeting
  • Experts

Google Adwords

  • Google Adwords bid management system with guaranteed uplift of quality visitors

Social Media Marketing

  • Social media experts serving customized content and tools for monitoring
  • Reporting, content management
  • Team and individual performance management
  • Sentiment Analytics in 16 languages including Turkish

ERP system

  • ERP system for repair shops, including invoice printing, sms and email functionality for client repair item intake and dispatch
  • Process flow of repairs and visibility to client with login

Sales performance measurement

  • Sales performance measurement tool in the shop, including stock reporting per shop
  • Educational videos for new sales people ad new products
  • Competitor pricing comparisons
  • Sales people evaluation form and individual sales performance and google maps display of all shops.

Website creation

  • Website creation / update with expertise in WordPress,  JOOMLA, Magento, Google Sites, .NET

Search Engine Optimization

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for natural (organic) keywords

E-mail Marketing

  • Online email marketing solutions to manage contacts, send emails and track results. 

Adversitement’s core business is all about Digital Data Excellence.
We guarantee the delivery of relevant, valuable digital data and the realisation of this multidisciplinary process.
We align the right people, processes and platforms to make digital data as transparent and concrete as possible.
That is why we believe in long term relationships.
In combining our efforts with yours to make maximum use of data science and innovation.
We help you to think and act in real-time. Because that is the paradigm shift you need to create huge opportunities out of big data.

Digital Data Excellence means we empower you to take data driven decisions, based on three pillars.

  • Data Quality: guarding your digital channel measurements for accuracy and handling raised incidents swiftly and reliably
  • Data Intelligence: steadily improving your data collection and distribution architecture and expanding your capabilities with new technology and methods.
  • Data Governance: protecting and ensuring your data do not break legal or ethical rules and impose as little as possible risk to your business.

The multitalented Adversitement team is the centre of Digital Data Excellence.Combined,
we have over a hundred years of experience in digital data.
You can trust us to deliver you the brightest brains and the best technology around to bring transparency to the digital world.
And that is why our service is so highly recommended by our customers across Europe.

The use of the Single Line of Code (SLOC) programming language enables you to run any data solution on any website. 

Loyal Customers