This is an Optimizer for Google Adwords and Yandex Direct. Based on your website goals (like sales, new account, receiving campaigns/newsletters, social media shares or even certain click-paths) as well as the usual Google and Yandex Adwords metrics, the bidding algorithms optimize based on the quality of visitor threshold you require in order to buy these keywords. Bidding on keywords is easy; to optimize them is hard and needs many different data types to do a reasonable job. Quadmet changes this due to its advanced system. Marketeers love this since they do not ave to go into complicated calculations but can just monitor if things are going great. In this way this tool has 2 cutting edges: 1) Direct costs and expenses will decrease while ROI will go up guaranteed, 2) Marketeers can do what they do best, being creative, full-time.

Google Adwords and Yandex Direct Control Mechanism Dashboard

If you have your Adwords outsourced to an agency, you can check out their performance with our dashboard and match that with your benefits, coming from Adwords. No more woolly answers on what did the campaigns bring. No more discussions on attribution models. We visualize purchases from day 1 until the Adwords and/or Yandex Direct attribution model stops (30 days) and make a judgement on how realistic this attribution model is in the end, backed up with data on sales, points of contact from visitors, and at the end, the costs of sales.

Offline Sales Performer

Always wondered how your account managers or sales people in the field are performing? We have developed a system where all offline data becomes online data, including tracking devices. Additional modules in this are the pricing of competing products, evaluation forms for internal use, education module for new products and direct mailing possibilities from operation to leadership. All data is shown in a way that everybody can understand how things are going today compared to yesterday, a week ago, same week last year etc. This is a tool that makes you sit in the driver seat and evaluate persons on their merits.

Repair ERP for Small and Medium Enterprises

From broken product intake, to evaluation, to repair, to test and returning to client. This tool monitors, appoints tasks, sends automatic SMS or mails to the client and has a management module to see what is happening. It appoints tasks based on the damage of the product, specialization of the staff and salary of the staff. The employees can see on the hall monitor or personal tablet which next task they have in queue and what the specifics are, including priority settings. The client can see on the website with the client’s special login, where in the process his item is, so no more guessing when it will be ready. Easy and reliable. It will decrease operational costs since speed of repairs is the main cost driver.